Welcome to Radio LMMS!

This is the newly created radio station at Lakewood Montessori Middle School. Visit often for the latest and greatest news about what's going on at LMMS. Club Sponsors are Amanda Hitson and Caitlin Wilson, graduate students at the School of Information and Library Science at UNC.


  • Episode 1: Welcome to Radio LMMS!- Our inaugural episode includes an introduction to interesting clubs at school, compelling book reviews, an overview of Maria Montessori, an introduction to the latest and greatest in Techno music, a question of the week and a riddle competition! The podcast staff includes Akin, Teemer, Sarah, Jalen, Zoe, Elijah, Hailey, Jisel, Cordelia, Juliana, Kennedy, Gillian, Kyren and Francis. Take ten minutes out of your day to enjoy our first episode.

  • Episode 2: Radio LMMS Strikes Again! - Our second episode of Radio LMMS. This episode is about kids coming together as one to inform,entertain,and excite you about what's going on at Lakewood Montessori Middle School. The Radio LMMS staff for Episode 2 includes Kia, Odalys, Sheteah, Juliana, Elijah, Akin, Cordelia, Harper, Kyren, Teemer, Zoe, Sarah, and Jalen. Thank you for listening to Radio LMMS.

  • Episode 3: Radio LMMS Rocks! - Our third episode of Radio LMMS. This episode continues the quality programming you depend on from Radio LMMS. This episode's highlights include an interview with our very own Mr. Reynolds and selected book reviews.

  • Episode 4: Radio LMMS Brings It On Home - The fourth and final episode of Radio LMMS for the 2011-2012 school year is a classic. Our radio engineers have gotten fancy with technology! A special thanks goes out to Amanda Hitson and Caitlin Wilson for all of their support running the Radio LMMS books club. See y'all in the fall! GO LYNXES!